The B&B “La Passeggiata di Girgenti” is located at the first floor of a refined building equipped with a lift. It lies on the main lane of our town, also known as “la passeggiata”, which is full of bars, shops, gardens and it offers also a wonderful belvedere from which you can enjoy The Valley of Temples and our amazing coast.

The B&B is situated in a very suitable position which allows to reach easily both the historical centre and “via Atenea” but also the train station and the bus stop, in particular, this one connects the centre of the town with the Valley of Temples and many different beaches.

You can easily find a toll or free parking near the B&B.

B&B La Passeggiata di Girgenti - Agrigento
B&B La Passeggiata di Girgenti - Agrigento

The rooms, finely restored and furnished, are equipped with all comforts, heating and air conditioning system, TV, free WIFI and private bathrooms with large showers.

In the morning when you get up you can have a coffee in the kitchen and then you can have breakfast at “bar Saieva” which lies just in front of the B&B’s entrance. Here you can choose among a wide range of Sicilian savory and sweet specialities comfortably seated under the gazebo in Viale della Vittoria overlooking a wonderful sight.

The most beautiful beaches such as Scala dei turchi, Torre Salsa, San Leone are around 10-20 minute drive.

B&B La Passeggiata di Girgenti - Agrigento

Brief history about “La Passeggiata”

B&B La Passeggiata di Girgenti - Agrigento

“Il viale della Vittoria”, also known as “a passeggiata“, was built in 1847, during the anti-Bourbon revolution, when the base of the mountain on which it lies was cut. In 1855 the first part of the lane was concluded by Diego Sartorio, an adjutant in an infantry regiment, who at the same time began the construction of a square, the present “Piazza Cavour”, where people meet up and spend their time having our artisanal ice-cream or enjoyng musical events.

Under Bourbon domination, when this lane was built, the will of enhancement led Agrigento to build beyond its medioval surrondings walls and the construction of “Viale della Vittoria” is emblematic of this process.

In 1870 this wonderful lane was extended and embellished becoming a marvelous terrace facing a spectacular view.

Later in 1911 many ficus trees were planted and since then people can shelter under them during the hot summer days.

B&B La Passeggiata di Girgenti - Agrigento
B&B La Passeggiata di Girgenti - Agrigento

Così Pirandello, nei Vecchi e i Giovani, definisce il Viale:

…l’unico viale della città, detto della Passeggiata, la sola cosa bella che la città avesse, aperto come era alla vista magnifica di tutta la piaggia, sotto, svariata di poggi, di valli, e del mare in fondo, nella sterminata curva dell’orizzonte.